October 2008

The Memorist by MJ Rose

Monday, October 27th: Fantasy Book Critic (giveaway) and review

Tuesday, October 28th: The Compulsive Reader

Wednesday, October 29th: The Book Bitch (guest post and review)

Red Sea by EA Benedek

Monday, October 27th: Bloggin’ ‘Bout Books

Wednesday, October 29th: Michele – Only One ‘L’ (author interview) and review


The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff

Monday, Oct. 27th:  It’s All About Books (guest post) and review

Tuesday, Oct. 28th:  Musings of a Bookish Kitty(review and author interview)

Thursday, Oct. 30th:  Books on the Brain (review and giveaway)


The Best Place to Be by Lesley Dormen

Monday, October 27th:  Bookgirl’s Nightstand (author interview and giveaway)

Wednesday, October 29th:  Hey, Lady!  Whatcha Readin’?



Capote in Kansas by Kim Powers

Monday, Oct. 27th: Books and Cooks (author interview)

Tuesday, Oct. 28th: Devourer of Books

Wednesday, Oct. 29th: Literate Housewife


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Red Sea by EA Benedek

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The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff

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The Best Place to Be by Lesley Dormen

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Capote in Kansas by Kim Powers

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Thursday, Oct. 23rd: Maw Books

Friday, Oct. 24th: Book Club Classics

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The Best Place to Be by Lesley Dormen

Monday, October 13th:  Books I Done Read

Wednesday, October 15th:  From the Mixed-Up Files

Friday, October 17th:  Bloody Hell!  It’s a Book Barrage!


Capote in Kansas by Kim Powers

Monday, Oct. 13th: Ready When You Are, C.B. (review)

Tuesday, Oct. 14th:  Ready When You Are, C.B. (author interview, part 1)

Wednesday, Oct. 15th: Bibliolatry

Friday, Oct. 17th: Books and Movies (review and author interview)


The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff

Wednesday, Oct. 15th:  Maw Books (notes from a book signing with David Ebershoff)

Thursday, Oct. 16th:  Maw Books (review)

Friday, Oct. 17th: Reading, ‘Riting, and Retirement

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Monday, October 6th:  Diary of an Eccentric (includes a giveaway!)

Wednesday, October 8th:  Devourer of Books

Friday, October 10th:  Life and Times of a “New” New Yorker (includes a giveaway!)


Monday, Oct. 6th: A Guy’s Moleskin Notebook

Tuesday, Oct. 7th:  Tripping Toward Lucidity (review)

Wednesday, Oct. 8th: Tripping Toward Lucidity (guest post)

Thursday, Oct. 9th: book-a-rama (review)

Friday, Oct. 10th:  book-a-rama (interview)

About Jess

Jess McCann is unlike any dating coach out there. Instead of the usual therapy-based date coaching, Jess takes a unique approach to finding and keeping the right person for you. Through her education and experience in business, she has made the remarkable discovery that dating is really a simple series of techniques that anyone can learn and succeed with.

At thirty years old, Jess was on top of the world. After graduating college, she had started her own sales company, where she single-handedly recruited, trained and managed a thirty-person sales team. She was chosen as one of America’s top entrepreneurs by Sir Richard Branson and traveled the world on his Fox reality show, The Rebel Billionaire. Having discovered first-hand that the art of sales directly translated into her dating life, Jess began counseling women, teaching them logical and proven sales techniques that they could use on their own dates. She continues to teach the fundamentals of sales and dating to women across the country. Visit Jess at www.jessmccann.com.

About You Lost Him At Hello: A Saleswoman’s Secrets to Closing the Deal with Any Guy You Want

Sales tricks that will make men desperate to date you

Whether you’ve found yourself waiting for him to call or given up everything for a relationship that went nowhere, getting a guy to commit can be like getting him to walk over a bed of hot coals.

Jess McCann has been there. She used to make the same mistakes we’ve all made with men–until she realized that the winning formula to attracting the right guy lay in skills she already had. As a successful saleswoman, Jess has practiced over and over the techniques in promoting a product, finding the right approach, making the pitch, and closing deal after deal. Once she started to apply these same techniques to the dating scene, her love life made a complete one-eighty, and she found herself with more interested men than she knew what to do with.

Now you can learn these same methods that that will help you to:

• Know and love your product before you sell it (that’s you!)
• Prospect for new ‘clients’–where to find them and how to catch their eye.
• Read his ‘buying signs’ and gauge his interest.
• Use the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple) and keep him engaged in conversation.
• End your date at the Height of Impulse so he always makes plans to see you again.
And so much more!

Jess McCann’s tactics work because they make you strong, confident, and irresistible to every man you meet. Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, You Lost Him at Hello will help you find him and keep him–while having more fun and fulfilled relationships than ever before.

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Thursday, December 11th:  Random Ramblings About My Crazy Life

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Friday, December 19th:  Kristabella- Full of Snark Since 1977

Monday, December 22nd:  It’s like, I’m…mmmagic!

Tuesday, December 23rd:  Cleveland’s a Plum

About Julie

Julie Gabriel is a registered nutrition specialist (RHN) educated at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She launched a series of workshops titled ‘New Mom’s Diet’ in Toronto. She is in the process of launching her own organic skincare line called Petite Marie Organics. Julie has been writing and editing fashion and beauty for about 15 years. In 1992 she worked in production at CNN’s Style with Elsa Klensch. She was the associate beauty editor in Harper’s Bazaar (Eastern European editions, 1998-2000), beauty editor in Atmospheres (2001-2001) and has written over five hundred articles and features on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. 

She writes on her blog that thanks to her pregnancy, she reconsidered her passion for caviar-based face creams, obnoxious perfumes, and intricate hair highlights.  Her conversion to a green goddess was instant and painless.  She lost her acne for good, and hasn’t developed a single new wrinkle, she smells good and her hair looks better than ten years ago.  Thus being said, don’t expect her to insist that readers abandon manicures or stop shaving their underarms. She is living proof that you can live green and feel good about your looks.

A Canadian living in the UK, she is in a unique position of being able to offer the best the New and Old Worlds came up with when it comes to natural beauty.

About The Green Beauty Guide

Go green and get gorgeous

The promise of beauty is as close as the drugstore aisle—shampoo that gives your hair more body, lotions that smooth away wrinkles, makeup that makes your skin look flawless, and potions that take it all off again. But while conventional products say they’ll make you more beautiful, they contain toxins and preservatives that are both bad for the environment and bad for your body—including synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, and even formaldehyde. In the end, they damage your natural vitality and good looks.

Fortunately, fashion writer, nutritionist, and beauty maven Julie Gabriel helps you find the true path to natural, healthy, green beauty. She helps you decipher labels on every cosmetic product you pick up and avoid toxic and damaging chemicals with her detailed Toxic Ingredients List. You’ll learn valuable tips on what your skin really needs to be healthy, glowing, and youthful.

Julie goes one-step further—and shows you how to make your own beauty products that feed your skin, save your bank account, and are healthy for your body and the environment.

With her friendly, thorough, and helpful advice; fabulous beauty recipes; product recommendations and ratings; Toxic Ingredients List; and a complete appendix of online resources, Julie Gabriel gives you all the information you need to go green without going broke and become a more natural, healthy, and beautiful you.

Julie Gabriel’s TLC Book Tours TOUR STOPS:


Monday, November 17th:  Allie’s Answers

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Monday, December 8th:  Red Lady’s Reading Room

Monday, December 8th:  She is Too Fond of Books

Tuesday, December 9th:  Savvy Verse and Wit

Wednesday, December 10th:  Bookopolis  (will also be posted as

               a Guest Review at Books on the Brain)

Thursday, December 11th:  B & B ex libris

About Benjamin

Benjamin D. Garber, Ph.D., is a New Hampshire licensed child psychologist, a state certified Guardian ad litem and a practicing Parenting Coordinator. Dr. Garber has a Bachelor of Arts degree in developmental psychology and psycholinguistics from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science and a Doctorate in child clinical and developmental psychology from the Pennsylvania State University. Visit www.healthyparent.com to learn more about Dr. Garber and learn more about how to keep kids out of the middle.

About Keeping Kids Out of the Middle: Child-Centered Parenting in the Midst of Conflict, Separation, and Divorce

Are your kids growing up in a war zone? Here’s Your Peace Treaty

When co-parents conflict, their kids get caught in the middle. They become ‘adultified,’ infantilized, and alienated. They’re made into messengers and spies, implicitly forced to grow up too fast or to remain needy for much too long. The antidote: practicing child-centered parenting–consistently creating parenting plans and conflict resolution strategies that genuinely meet children’s emotional and psychological needs–first and foremost and for the rest of their lives.

Keeping Kids out of the Middle is not about divorce, and it’s not about you. It is about your kids. This eye-opening and highly pragmatic book is a here-and-now guide toward better understanding and meeting the needs of your children. You will learn what child-centered parenting is, how to implement it productively, and how to communicate effectively with your parenting partners, no matter the legal status of your relationship, the distance between your homes, or the quality of your intimate relationship.

In Keeping Kids out of the Middle, child psychologist and state certified Guardian ad litem Benjamin Garber offers parents a radically new perspective on co-parenting in the midst of relationship conflict and teaches co-parents how to build a consistent, healthy environment for their children through the art of ‘scripting,’ establish better means of communicating and communication styles, and create parenting plans that help keep children protected. Thisis your guide to putting your children’s needs first and giving them the safety net they must have in order to become healthy adults who are able themselves, to some day, keep their own kids out of the middle.

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Monday, December 8th: The 3R’s: Reading, Riting, and Randomness

Tuesday, December 9th: Their Wicked Stepmother

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About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Brundage holds an MFA in fiction from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where she received a James Michener Award. Before attending Iowa, she was a screenwriting fellow at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Her short fiction has been published in the Greensboro Review, Witness magazine, and New Letters. She is currently at work on her third novel and lives with her family in upstate New York.

About Somebody Else’s Daughter:

In the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts a group of families is connected through the prestigious Pioneer prep school. Into this community enters Nate Gallagher, a teacher and struggling writer haunted by the daughter he gave up for adoption years ago. The girl, Willa—now a teenager and one of Nate’s students—lives with her adoptive parents, Joe and Candace, who have nurtured her with their affection and prosperity. When Willa wins a community service internship and begins working at a local women’s shelter, her friendship with a troubled prostitute raises questions about her own biological past. Despite her parent’s love and care, Willa can’t shake her feelings of confusion and abandonment, and Joe and Candace are too preoccupied with their crumbling marriage to realize her unhappiness. Read more.

Visit Elizabeth’s website here, read an excerpt of the book here, and check out the Somebody Else’s Daughter’s website here.

Elizabeth Brundage’s TLC Book Tours TOUR STOPS:

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Wednesday, November 5th: S. Krishna’s Books (this review will also appear as a guest post on Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?)

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