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you-lost-him-hello-jess-mccann-paperback-cover-artYou Lost Him At Hello: A Saleswoman’s Secrets to Closing the Deal with Any Guy You Want by Jess McCann

Monday, December 8th: As Life Flutters By

Wednesday, December 10th: The Girl From the Ghetto

Thursday, December 11th: Random Ramblings About My Crazy Life

Friday, December 12th: Starting Over at 24

3724Keeping Kids Out of the Middle: Child-Centered Parenting in the Midst of Conflict, Separation, and Divorce by Dr. Benjamin D. Garber, PhD

Monday, December 8th: The 3R’s: Reading, Riting, and Randomness

Tuesday, December 9th: Their Wicked Stepmother

Thursday, December 11th: No One’s The Bitch

cover-12The Alchemy of Loss by Abigail Carter

Monday, December 8th: Widows Quest

Tuesday, December 9th: A Novel Menagerie

Wednesday, December 10th: Anniegirl1138

Thursday, December 11th: Learning To Live

32031598The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel

Monday, December 8th: Red Lady’s Reading Room

Monday, December 8th: She is Too Fond of Books

Tuesday, December 9th: Savvy Verse and Wit

Wednesday, December 10th: Bookopolis (will also be posted as

a Guest Review at Books on the Brain)

Thursday, December 11th: B & B ex libris


Two Brothers – One North, One South by David H. Jones

Monday, December 8th: Civil War Literature