john-marcoAbout John Marco

I’ve always felt that I was a writer, even as a little boy. I can remember pecking away at an old portable typewriter, coming up with my first stories when I was around ten years old. I like to think I’ve gotten a lot better since then! And yet there’s still that little boy in me, the one who loves imagination and exploration, and loves to tell stories. Just like Peter Pan, writers never really grow up.

I was born in Long Island and live here still. For a long time I was a technical writer before making the transition to fiction. I worked in many different industries for a lot of different companies until my first book, The Jackal of Nar, was published in 1999. That book was a springboard into a whole new world for me, one that’s given me great and deep satisfaction. I’m also a husband and a father, and although I often define myself as a writer, nothing gives me more happiness than my wife and my son.

Besides my family and writing, my other two big interests are aviation and Disney World. When I’m not working, there’s a good chance you’ll find me with my nose in a flying magazine, or listening to one of the many Disney podcasts on the web.

For more information, visit John’s website. You can also read his blog here.

About Starfinder

starfinderWhat would life be like if you could fly? Young Moth of Calio wants to know. He’s obsessed with the airships around his mountain home and dreams of becoming a Skyknight one day, to take to the air like his heroes.

So begins Starfinder, the first book of The Skylords trilogy.  Not only is it a story of coming of age for the two main protagonists, Moth and his friend Fiona, but it’s also about mankind’s coming of age.  The world of Starfinder is very much like our own at the turn of the last century, with steam trains and electricity and budding technologies. And thanks to the inventive genius of Fiona’s grandfather Rendor, humans have finally taken to the sky, not only in giant airships but in small, ornithopter contraptions called dragonflies as well.  Not everyone is happy to see mankind’s progress, however. For thousands of years, the mysterious and powerful race known as the Skylords have jealously guarded their heavenly domain. In all this time, an uneasy peace has existed between humans and Skylords, but Moth and Fiona are about to breach the magical boundary between the two worlds.