two-brothersI want to thank you for the very professional job that you did in setting up and conducting my TLC Book Tour….Overall, I believe that the TLC Book Tour was a sound investment for Staghorn Press. It’s hard to track specific results, but the reader exposure per dollar spent seems to be in balance.” –David H. Jones, author of Two Brothers – One North, One South


I had a wonderful time, and I really enjoyed interacting with the hosts, writing guest blogs, doing interviews, and just meeting new readers and bloggers. I found every one of the hosts to be incredibly easy to work with and genuinely interested in my book as well as me, the author. In this difficult industry, it’s so gratifying and humbling to know that there are people who actually enjoy reading and who get a kick out of meeting the author. In the same way, I got such a great kick out of meeting them!

I also really appreciate how involved you were, Lisa, with my tour.  I never worried that my hosts might bail, or that I would have to be the one to keep on top of them.  You were great about making sure that the posts were up when they were supposed to be and dealt with all the details so that I didn’t worry at all during the tour!” –Christine Son, author of Off the Menu

9753ac5156cdaad7fae7d5fe27b03d63“By the end of my virtual tour, my novel was all over the blogosphere.  TLC Book Tours did a fantastic job helping me connect directly with readers and further publicize my book.”

–David Ebershoff, author of The 19th Wife and The Danish Girl

41cqj6ojaxl_sl500_aa240_“TLC” Virtual Book Tours is exactly what it says – tender loving care for your baby, your book. Using Lisa and her rolodex of online book blogs is one of the smartest things I did for the paperback release of my book, Capote in Kansas. She matched me up perfectly with a supportive community of online bloggers who do what they do because they love books. In these days of waning book coverage, it was the perfect way to get the word out – and discover a new world of readers. Using TLC is a no-brainer, for writers with brains…and I can’t wait to sell my new book, and use Lisa again.”  – Kim Powers, author of Capote in Kansas and The History of Swimming

9781401340735househo_mI didn’t know what to expect when TLC Tours hosted a virtual tour for my first novel. As the tour began, I was happy to find out that my book was going to be reviewed by more than a dozen different book blogs, all of them targeted to my reading audience. During the month-long tour, my website received fifty more hits per day, and my Amazon sales rank rose steadily. TLC’s virtual tour helped spread my book virally—I started to get reviews from other bloggers not on the tour, and from readers who had seen it mentioned on a blog and then bought the book and written about it on Goodreads or another web site. I’m currently finishing up my second novel, and can’t wait to work with TLC Tours again. They were professional, well-organized, and smart about the best places to feature my book. My TLC tour provided a definite bump in interest in the book AND in sales. And they’re a pleasure to work with!  — Kathleen McCleary, author of House and Home


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